Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wajood's Objectives:

* To build a safe space for LGBT's to network, involve and associate with each other.

* To create a safe platform wherein LGBT's are given opportunity to express themselves in form of artistic skills without any inhibitions and fear.

* To network and foster healthy relationship with other CBO's, NGO's, Support Groups, Individuals etc. through events wherein help is exchanged in mutual understanding.

* To represent Hyderabad LGBT Community by being its assertive & firm defendant when its existence, prominence & identity is either challenged, misinterpreted, misrepresented, or condemned etc.

* When in crisis, to support LGBT's by intervening through appropriate channels.

Board Members:

Board Members are the people who conceptualized the formation of Wajood, have assumed the responsibility of its registration as a trust and functioning as an organization. Following are the details of the board members and their roles.

- Sanjay Das – Head (Technology, Data Management and Communication)
- Jayati Mathur – Head (Event Management and Marketing)
- Mahesh Kumar – Head (Logistics and Support)
- Rajib Das – Head (Finance, Tax and Accounting)
- Vishal Jaiswal – Head (General Administration, Public Relations and Communications)

Incase of any queries, please feel free to reach out on -

You may also join our google group by clicking on this link -

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Warm Regards,
Wajood Team.


  1. I am infuriated at the scenes in the movie 'lakshmi raha ma intiki' they have harrased the homosexual couple in the movie and were made fun of..a public apology is implied and scenes should be removed

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  3. I also used to think that these people dont get there rights n all.. but after todays incidence i can literally see why we should not pity on them. 2 of the lgbt guys came up to my husband n surrounded him..started haunting him asking for money. When my husband took out his wallet to give some money, those morons snatched the wallet from him. Wallet had about more than 1000 dollars(US currency) which is nearly more than rs.70,000. My husband begged these guys to give it back and take as much money as they want but they ran away in an Autorikshaw.
    So i believe there is no need to have pity on people of this community. Incidence like these fades away the belief we have on humanity.