Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wajood's Objectives:

* To build a safe space for LGBT's to network, involve and associate with each other.

* To create a safe platform wherein LGBT's are given opportunity to express themselves in form of artistic skills without any inhibitions and fear.

* To network and foster healthy relationship with other CBO's, NGO's, Support Groups, Individuals etc. through events wherein help is exchanged in mutual understanding.

* To represent Hyderabad LGBT Community by being its assertive & firm defendant when its existence, prominence & identity is either challenged, misinterpreted, misrepresented, or condemned etc.

* When in crisis, to support LGBT's by intervening through appropriate channels.

Board Members:

Board Members are the people who conceptualized the formation of Wajood, have assumed the responsibility of its registration as a trust and functioning as an organization. Following are the details of the board members and their roles.

- Sanjay Das – Head (Technology, Data Management and Communication)
- Jayati Mathur – Head (Event Management and Marketing)
- Mahesh Kumar – Head (Logistics and Support)
- Rajib Das – Head (Finance, Tax and Accounting)
- Vishal Jaiswal – Head (General Administration, Public Relations and Communications)

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Warm Regards,
Wajood Team.